The Basics of Wine Tasting

Do you know that wine tasting is more than just gulping down your wine? Wine tasting is an art, and it involves going through certain steps to let you better understand the complexities of each glass of wine offered to you. These steps may be classified into five basic activities and observations:

1. Color

One good way to observe the wine color is by holding your glass of wine upon a white background. Color ranges depending on whether you are tasting a red or a white wine. Color is an important consideration in wine tasting because it helps identify the age of the wine. White wine gains in color as it age while red wine loses its color. Other factors can also affect the color of the wine such as the variety of grapes used, how the wine is aged, and if the wine is unfiltered or not.

For white wine, color can change from pale yellow green to brown as it ages. For red wine, color changes from purple then to red and brown.

2. Swirling

Swirling is also an essential part of wine tasting. It aerates the wine to give you a better look at its overall appearance and also allows you to better smell the wine. When swirling, carefully observe the color as well as how the “legs” trickle the inside of the glass after the swirling has stopped. It is said that if the wine has more noticeable legs, it has a fuller body and has a stronger taste.

3. Smelling

Smelling is perhaps the most important component of wine tasting. It is said that an average person is able to smell more than 2,000 different scents. On the average, wine has more than 200 different scents. After swirling, smell the wine for three times. Think about the kind of smell it has. At third smell, you should be able to know the kind of “nose” the wine has. Nose is a term used by wine tasters to describe the aroma and bouquet of the wine.

Smelling also helps you identify certain components in the wine such as the variety of grapes used. When tasting white wine, it would help you if you are familiar with the major varieties of grapes used to produce this kind of wine. They are the Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Blanc. For red wine, common varieties include Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Smelling also helps you identify certain defects in wine. Normally, wine with traces of vinegar, sherry, dank or musty smell and sulfur has particular defects or overuse of certain substances.

4. Tasting

In tasting, you can normally perceive sour, sweet and bitterness. Different tastes can be found in various parts of the tongue. Sweet taste can be found at the tip of the tongue. The varietal characteristics of grapes as well as the tannin can be tasted at the middle of the tongue while the acidity can be tasted at the sides. To have the best tasting experience, try to sip a wine and then draw a little air inside your mouth to further aerate the wine and bring out its flavors.

5. Savoring

After tasting the wine, put your glass and relax for a while to savor the taste. Think about your overall experience and impressions of the wine you just tasted. Think about if the wine is full or light bodied, if it is acidic or not, or if the tannin is too strong. Also think about the best food you would enjoy eating with your wine. And finally, decide if it is your kind of wine or not.

The next time you drink wine, consider these steps to better appreciate the wine you are drinking.

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

If you are one of those people who drink wine especially after meals, there is good news for you. Drinking wine offers many health benefits that you can possibly enjoy. But it is important to note that these benefits only come when you drink in moderation. According to the American Heart Association, moderate wine consumption involves drinking up to two four ounces of glasses in a day.

1. Reduces the risk of heart attack

Wines are generally rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant that is present in the skin of grapes. Resveratrol contains properties that can help reduce bad LDL cholesterol and protect the blood vessels of the heart.

2. Reduces the risk of stroke

A study conducted on 80,000 women aged between 30 and 55 shows that light drinkers are 20 percent less prone to having a stroke. The presence of resveratrol in wine also boosts the enzymes that protect the brain from contacting damage due to stroke.

3. Protects you from cancer

The phenolic compounds in wine are also said to be beneficial in avoiding your risk of certain cancers such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer or oral cancer. It could also slow down the progress of liver cancer. Wine also has a good track record in fighting against Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

4. Prevents Dementia

Dementia results when the amyloid protein builds up and forms sticky balls on the brain, killing brain cells. Researchers found out that resveratrol can stop the buildup of these pesky proteins, protecting you from memory loss.

5. Boosts your testosterone level

Drinking wine in moderation also proves to be beneficial in boosting your testosterone, thereby boosting your muscle mass and stamina and promoting speedy recovery from injuries. A study found out that the quercetin component in wine prevents certain enzymes from blocking testosterone from the body.

6. Lowers your risk of suffering depression

A seven-year study conducted on 5,500 respondents who were light-to-moderate wine drinkers showed proof of the ability of wine to lower the risk of suffering from depression. The resveratrol component in wine boosts the area of the brain that keeps a person from feeling down.

7. Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes

Over a period of 12 years, a study was conducted on more than 350,000 individuals at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. This study found out that moderate wine drinking lowers your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 30 percent. The same study was also published in Diabetes Care in 2005.

8. Reduces the risk of heart problems

Tanin in red wine contains procyanidins which are capable of protecting the heart from any abnormalities and diseases. This was proven by a study published in Nature in 2006.

9. Lowers risk of developing cataracts

According to a study on 1,379 respondents in Iceland, wine drinkers are 43 percent less likely to develop cataracts than non-wine drinkers.

10. Promotes longevity

On animals, several components in wine activate a group of protein which helps animals live longer. This is also true among humans. Additionally, a Finnish study conducted on more than 2,000 individuals over a period of 29 years showed a reduction in mortality rate by about 34 percent among wine drinkers as opposed to spirit or beer drinkers.

Contrary to what some people may believe, wine is not bad in itself because it offers numerous health benefits. The key here is drinking in moderation and not in excess.

Wine Tasting and Allergies

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I decided to hang in my place to have a wine tasting. I bought many kinds of cheeses like gouda, brie, tallegio, gruyere, pecorino and robiola to go with our wines. I love pairing gouda cheeses with a Merlot and robiola with sparkling wines. I asked them to bring different wines that they could find as we have lots of cheeses to pair with. They arrived after an hour with lots of wine. We were so excited because since we became busy with work, we rarely have the time to do this. The last time we did this was on my birthday and it was 4 months ago.

We started drinking wine and eating cheese as we sat on the carpet in my living room. I have a pet dog named Brooch and she’s of the chow chow breed. She loves company as she gets near my friends licking and smelling them. She wasn’t getting much exercise as I was busy with working so he’s getting fatter every day. Mia loves Brooch as she carries the dog in her arms and treats her like a baby. Brooch was really comfortable with her as she slept soundly on her arms. We just chat and talk about with what’s happening with our lives, then suddenly, Mia brought the dog down as he was experiencing pain in the right arm. We were concerned about her, but she told me that her right arm just lost proper blood circulation because Brooch is heavy as she was pinned on her right arm for minutes. She just stood up and stretched a bit, then gone on to the comfort room. She rushed back as she showed us her reddened armpits. She told us that they were so itchy armpits. I asked her if she had allergies with dog furs or with cheeses and wine, but she told me that this is the first time that she encountered it.

I went upstairs to my room to search my drawers for a corticosteroid cream which I used when I also had skin allergies and they were really good. I just used a bit from its tube and applied it on the affected area, I just waited for a few minutes and then they were gone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in my room and I thought, maybe I left it in the medicine cabinet in the comfort room. I rushed downstairs and found it there. I gave it to Mia and asked her to wash her armpits with water or apply an antiseptic like alcohol to be sure that it’s clean. She then applied it and I told her to rest and resist the urge to drink or eat cheeses as we still weren’t sure of what caused her armpits to itch so badly. She planned to get a consult the next day to know the cause and ease her worry. I hope it’s nothing bad as I don’t want something so serious to happen on one of my best friends.

Weekend at Home

It was a Friday night and the start of my fun weekend. I made plans with my friends, Mia and Becky to go to the opening of this new, fresh, eclectic bar in town called The Winery. Becky and I were excited to go, but Mia sounded troubled when I called her about my plans. I told her to just talk about it with wine and fortunately, she agreed. I really miss my girls as we haven’t seen each other for two weeks and we just live in the same town. That’s just how busy we were.

It was Becky’s turn to pick us up as she recently purchased a new dark blue Subaru SUV. It was already 9pm and a car parked in front of my house honking and I know it was them. I entered her car as I trace the new car smell and it’s really nice. I was surprised to know that it was only Becky in the car. I asked her about what happened to Mia and she told me that she wasn’t in the mood to go drinking.   She told Becky that her mom is sick, but they didn’t know it yet if it’s bronchitis vs. pneumonia. Either way, they were both serious diseases and I wouldn’t wish that even for my enemies. I called Mia and I told her that we’re going to her house to hang if it’s okay. She agreed and added that she has lots of liquor if anyone wants one. After a few minutes, we were already in front of her house.

I collected my thoughts carefully on what I’m going to tell her because I know that whatever I tell her, she wouldn’t listen because I haven’t gone through that phase. We knocked on the door and she opened it. She was already wearing her pajamas and holding a glass of wine. She invited us in and laughed at us since we were still wearing our skimpy, party clothes. I asked where her mom is and told me that she’s already asleep so we need to keep our noise down. I told her that maybe it’s better if we just hang out in their balcony so we wouldn’t bother anyone else with our noise. We settled down well and talked about her problem. Becky and I just listened to what she was going to say. Becky suggested it earlier when we were inside her car as maybe Mia just wanted to vent out her problems and it was effective. She shared that her mom’s doctor hinted that it might be pointing more on bronchitis because of her current symptoms, but he added that he needs more exam to confirm. I asked her when her mom did take the tests, but we were surprised that her mom doesn’t want to take any more tests as she was afraid to know her condition. I understood what her mom is thinking because Dr. Michaels always encounter patients feeling the same sentiment. I suggested Mia to research in bronchitis remedies online just to have a background on what her mom is dealing with. I also advised her to just be with her mom along the way and she’ll realize in time what she have to do.

Dealing with my Back Pain

Lately, I’ve been having back problems as I spend a great deal of my time sitting as I work as an assistant and receptionist for Dr. Michaels. Every weekend, I see to it that I get a good and hard deep tissue massage to fend off back pains. I also take occasional pain reliever pills if I can’t tolerate and work through the pain anymore. It’s been going on and off for months now and I told my boss about it because I wanted to hear his medical opinion about it. He asked me about the specific area on where the pain is. I told him that it’s a middle back pain and lower left back pain. He tapped it and told me that it was a bit tender. He asked me if I was having trouble urinating lately as it can be also a symptom of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection or UTI is a condition wherein the part of the urinary tract becomes infected, usually by bacteria. He added that females are more often prone to having such a disease because out urethra are shorter than males. Another reason is the vagina is near the anus which has many bacteria. I told him that sometimes when I have the urge to pee, I hold it off as I often have too many things to do and I also find the location of the comfort room for women too far from our office.

Dr. Michaels looked sad and bothered about it. He suggested that I had my urine collected for a urinalysis as soon as possible and bring it to the laboratory for testing. He added that I don’t have to pay any fees for it as I thanked him about it. After a few hours, I got my result and gave it to my boss to read it. He told me that I have a bit of infection and advised me to drink plenty of water more than I use to. This is to make sure that toxins are excreted properly off my body. He reminded me to always pee when I have the urge to do so to prevent further complications. He told me to lay off from too much coffee, soda and anything that contains caffeine. Salty foods are also prohibited to prevent sepsis. He also prescribed me a week long course of antibiotics to be taken after meals.

After a week long treatment, my back isn’t hurting anymore. Although, I still have to get used to drinking more water because I prefer coffee and sodas. I still can’t avoid salty foods like chips because I’m used to eating them every night so I just drink more water to offset the effect. I’ve also been eating more of yogurts because they contain good bacteria. And most importantly, I never hold off my pee anymore whenever I have the urge to do so. Dr. Michaels is kind enough that he gave me five minute pee breaks as the location the comfort room is far from our clinic.

Season of Dry Scalps

scabs on scalpSince the start of summer this year, I’ve been having problems on my scalp as they became dry and itchy at the same time. It’s really a hassle when I scratch my head and I wear a black shirt. I’ve had scabs on scalp due to scratching for weeks now and I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve tried a number of dry scalp remedies and solutions on the market and it’s not that successful as I’d want to, you can find more remedies at

I decided to ask my boss, Dr. Michaels to refer me to a good dermatologist so I can pursue real treatment. He referred me to Dr. Graham, whom he said that she’s the best dermatologist at the hospital that we work on. He gave me her number and told me to tell his name if asked about who referred her.   I still wanted to give time for the remedies that I was trying to work, but they were still not enough to treat me entirely as there were days that my scalp were okay and they were days that they were dry again.

I grew tired of the trial and errors that I was making and was so frustrated. I searched my purse for Dr. Graham’s number and gave her a call. She was delighted to know that Dr. Michaels referred me to her. She asked me when I could visit her for a consult and told her that I could be there tomorrow morning. I came to her clinic early and I saw a tall, blonde, pretty woman smiling at me. She introduced herself as Dr. Graham and asked me if I was Alisal. I nodded as she invited me to come in to her office. She shared that she recently had troubles hiring an assistant so she usually goes out to get her patients. She also shared that she and Dr. Michaels used to have a thing back in college. She asked me a little bit about my boss as she was preparing her stuff to examine me. She got her gloves on and opened a lamp with a big magnifying glass beside it. She told me that I have many lesions so I should stop scratching right away. She added that my case can be easily solved with the right kind of treatment as I earlier told her about all the things that I’ve tried before deciding to go for a consult with her.

Dr. Graham asked me to stop using my everyday shampoo as it is too strong for my hair and scalp. She advised that I can still use it once or twice a week after I fully get rid of my dry scalp. In the meantime, she prescribed me a Ketoconazole shampoo and must use it every day until the dry scalp subsides. She also gave me a prescription for antihistamines just in case itching occurs. She added that I can use homemade remedies like mixing olive oil, tea tree oil with honey and a little bit of lemon juice and apply it on my scalp for 10 minutes and rinse. She told me to do it twice or thrice a week.

De-stressing with Friends

One rainy Saturday night, I was hanging out with my girlfriends Mia and Becky and their men at a bar and I noticed that I was the fifth wheel, but I didn’t mind because I was just happy to have a drink and de-stress with them. I really needed this as I had a very stressful and very busy week. At first, we were just having red wine, but my friend’s boyfriend suggested we take a round of shots. I forgot if it was vodka or tequila, but it was good and smooth. A round of shots became one too many as most of us were plain drunk and it was still early as it was just 11pm. Since most of them were sleeping on the table, I suggested we get coffee instead on a nearby café on the block. We got a cab instead of driving our car to prevent any accidents. As we ordered our coffees, my drunken friend Mia, started to talk nonsense to the cashier. She asked him can dogs eat bananas and as a professional, he just politely smiled and told her that he had no idea on the subject, but refer her to this website so she can learn more about it. I just laughed at Mia, telling her to stop it while apologizing to the kind cashier.

We sat outside to get fresh air to wake their sleepy heads. I was surprised that Becky’s boyfriend is a veterinarian because he didn’t look like one. He more looked like a banker, silly me and my stereotypes. Since most of them were so drunk, it was just me and him talking. I was curious of what Mia asked earlier about bananas so I asked him. He told me that dogs can eat them, but it’s really an acquired taste just like people. He added that it will be very beneficial for the dog because a banana contains many vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin B 6 and 12. He taught me a trick on how to feed choosy dogs some bananas. Just cut a piece of banana and then cover it with peanut butter and dogs really love it because he already tried it with his pet, Lola, a Rottweiler. He was a bit surprised that I was into dogs because I didn’t look the part. I asked him what vitamin supplements that his pet normally consumes everyday because we just used to give our pet normal multivitamins which also human consumes. He responded that normal vitamins are fine, but there is also fish oil for dogs that can do wonders for their coat and overall health. Our conversation was cut off when Mia woke up as I suggested making it a night.

It is so refreshing and rejuvenating to get out on a weekend with good company and meeting new friends coming off a very busy weekday. I’ve been friends with the two of them, since childhood and I’m glad that we still make time for each other even when we have very busy schedules.

Accidents Happen

I was working in the clinic as I am currently fixing my boss’ schedule when my phone vibrated. I always put it on vibrate to not disturb people inside the clinic. As much as possible, I don’t take personal calls when I’m working, but my brother’s name was flashing on my phone’s screen. We have an estranged relationship as we don’t see each other that much because we don’t get along that well. I answered my phone quickly, but the person I’m talking to didn’t sound like my brother. I asked who he was and he told me that he was a paramedic who picked up my brother from a car accident. He told me what happened to my brother and gave me the address of the hospital that they were taking him to. I asked him if I can talk to my brother and he told me that he was unconscious. He just got his phone in his pocket and searched through the address book and saw the name Sister – Alisal. I was crying and I don’t even know it as Dr. Michaels was asking me what happened. I tried not getting emotional, but I couldn’t. I told him what happened and he gave me a pass to take my whole day off.

I rushed to the hospital to see my brother. I asked the reception and gave my brother’s name and I was told that there was currently no patient under that name in a room so she suggested that he might be still in the emergency room. I was so frightened and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t want to call our parents as they both have heart conditions. Instead, I called Mia since her house is just nearby. After a few minutes, she saw me in the lobby and hugged me tightly saying that it will be alright. I told her what happened and she told me that I should just stay put on my seat and leave everything to her. She left me in the lobby and moments later, I’ve seen her smiling and asking me to come with her. She told me that there was no listed name of my brother because he wasn’t carrying any identification. She added that asked people around about the patient that the paramedics brought earlier.

We got into my brother’s room and I was in tears. He was conscious, but badly bruised with many scratches. I told him that I’m glad that he was alive. His doctor told me that he will be having pain between shoulder blades because of the impact. He added that my brother is lucky because he didn’t have internal bleeding. He was advised to take a rest for at least a week to fully recover and take his pills on time. My brother told me what happened and scolded him for driving without a license. He shared that he was having pain in left shoulder as I told him that he’s lucky because his doctor told me it should have been both. He tried to laugh, but his body was in pain. I still don’t know about how and when I should tell my parents about my brother’s accident. I asked Mia to help me because I can’t think straight. I’m really glad my brother is okay. I just hope next time, he’ll be more careful.

The Invite

I’ve been working for Dr. Michaels for years and I can say that we’ve been very close and her family. Her wife, Dianne always calls me in the office to check if her husband already arrived because he is always late. She visits him often in the office to bring him lunch. One time, I saw her coming into the office. I told her that her husband still has a patient inside, but she told me that she came to see me because she wants to invite me to their son, Caleb’s 10th birthday party this weekend. I was thankful that she invited me and told her that I’ll come. She left her husband’s lunch and went back home.

After the patient left the room, I entered and gave Dr. Michaels his lunch. He asked where Dianne is, but I told her that she already left. I also mentioned that I was invited to his son’s birthday and he told me that she really planned to invite me in person. I asked him what his son wants for his birthday because I have no clue on what to get him. He told me that they already bought him the toy that he wanted, but he added that their son has been reciting bunny facts the whole month and that might be hinting that he wants a bunny. I asked him if it was okay to give him a pet as some parents don’t like them. He joked that it was okay as long as I clean after them. He told me that there is a pet shop just around the block before the hospital just in case I’m going to give his son a bunny. I thought that it was still early to buy him a bunny because it’s on Saturday and it’s only Monday, so I’ll just buy the day before as I don’t have time to tend to the bunny.

It’s Friday morning and I told Dr. Michaels that I will be late because I’ll drop by the pet shop first to buy a bunny. I told the salesman that I need a bunny as a present, but the problem was he was asking me about the breed that I was trying to buy. He mentioned a few like the Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf and the Lionhead bunnies which I was intrigued. I asked him why were they called as such and he showed them to me. They were so cute, active and playful. He added that they are so easy to take care of as they only need fresh water, food pellets and exercise. I asked them about their grooming as they have manes. He answered that they just can be groomed once or twice a month depending on the case. Now, he asked me about the color so I called Dr. Michaels and asked what color is best for his son and told me that black or white will suffice. I found a black and white bunny and got it for Caleb. I also got him a cage and water bottle for his pet. I rushed to go back to my home, left the bunny with water and food and went to the hospital for work.

Careers and Relationships

I’ve had trouble dealing with past relationships as I now choose my career over it. It started when I was too into a relationship with a man that my mom took notice that I I’m almost, always late for work because I was frequently dining out and coming home late during weekdays. There were also several times that I didn’t go to work because I had to deal with my irritatingly, bad hangover. My boss observed my recent tardiness as of late and asked me if there was a problem at home. I told him about my boyfriend and suggested that I should take control of the situation because it was making my job a little bit lousy. He also told me that since I had a boyfriend, I wasn’t that attentive when given instructions. He stated that I’m also dealing with lives here as I make scheduled appointments for surgeries. He doesn’t want to wait for something bad to happen to his patients so he suggested that I step back, assess my life and deal with it accordingly. I know that he was just concerned with me and my patients so I followed his suggestions.

I told my boyfriend that I can’t always get out and have dinner with him on weekdays because I have work. I suggested that we just lay low for a while and go out every weekend instead. I thought he was going to understand my decision, but he didn’t. He was mad at me for saying that. He also felt jealous that I chose to spend my time with the doctor. I explained that it is my work, he’s my boss and I’m not doing anything bad. I added that I am not going out with the doctor as I’m just staying here in our house, resting. I wanted him to feel secure and loved but he didn’t give me the opportunity to do so. He left without saying goodbye. It’s been since the incident happened and he hasn’t contacted me since. I tried leaving him messages on his phone, but I got no reply or a ring. I told some of my friends about him and they said they he might need to sort this out alone, that I didn’t do anything wrong They felt that he has problems dealing with people leaving him and exploring other options. They asked is he’s an only son as it displays only child syndrome, similar to what is describe at this site I told them that he is an only son, but there are rumors that he has a half brother that he didn’t know personally. They told me that they’ll be there every step of the way on how to get over someone like him. I am so glad that I have friends like them.

I am tired of waiting for him to call me. I honestly didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted to stay on my boss’ good side and work efficiently for him. By the way, I was paid with good money to do work and it was unfair for him if I wasn’t fit to do such work. I don’t want to give him or any people for that matter that I don’t take my job seriously because I do. Do I really need to choose a career over relationships? Can’t it be both?

No Time to Chat

A friend of mine told me that he has a weird metal taste in mouth for a week and then later on, a salty taste in mouth, similar to what this site talked about. He added that he feels that there is really something wrong with him as has irregular heartbeats as of now. He asked me to consult my boss, a doctor about it. I told him that he does not specialize of those conditions, but I can ask him.

Dr. Michaels was really busy with consults and frequent surgeries as I couldn’t find a good timing on when to ask him about my friend’s condition. He’s had five consults and two emergency appendectomies this morning. On the other hand, this afternoon, he is going to have a heart bypass on a 70 year old man and a tonsillectomy for a 10 year old kid if the bypass runs smoothly.

We hardly even had a good chat lately. Normally we had time to joke around on mornings, but today is a different day. The last time we were so busy was the time when the city suffered an extreme accident last year. It happened because of a faulty signal light. It had gone bonkers on a major intersection and people were confused whether to stop or not. It just needed a single accident to become a big, lousy, chain reaction as many people were injured. It was a good thing that no one died that day. I was just sad and unfortunate that a single stop light would do that much damage to people. People who were just innocently passing by to go to their respective works, their normal routines had to suffer.   I remember that there was a 7 year old kid who needed stitches because he flew on their car’s windshield and got his head bloodied. His father relayed that he had a seatbelt on but it didn’t work. He was so worried that his young son had to endure that much pain and trauma at such a young age. He told us that he is a lawyer and was planning to file a lawsuit to the car company for a faulty seatbelt. He added that he just bought the car for over two weeks, so it’s almost brand new.

As I was still reminiscing, I saw someone who got in my face laughing. It was Dr. Michaels and he was asking me if I was okay. I told him that I was just thinking of something and he joked that it might be someone and not something. We had a casual laugh and then I remembered to ask about my friend’s problem. Dr. Michael suggested that my friend goes to an ENT doctor to examine his condition. The weird taste and the irregular heartbeats usually aren’t related as he just might be experiencing anxiety towards his condition, but he wasn’t sure so it’s still better to get him examined personally. He added that he also might need to get a complete blood work-up and urinalysis as exams. I thanked him as he got off to another consult. I was a busy day indeed.


My Job Description

My boss is Dr. Michaels, a surgeon, is a very charming and charismatic doctor. He has black hair, big blue eyes, nice set of nose and teeth and a smile to die for. He is in his mid 30s, tall, lean and athletic. He tries to play basketball whenever his time permits him to do so. He often takes advantage of his two hour break to slip out of the hospital to go to the gym or play with his friends at the park. He loves and enjoys his job so much that even if he has too many patients to attend to in a day, he doesn’t feel tired as much. If I remember it right, the patients that he sees everyday has doubled or even tripled from the first time that I worked here. I noticed that the people who see the doctor mostly is the returning ones and some were referred by his older patients.

My work starts at around 7am and ends up at 7pm depending on the gravity of the needs in the office. I am tasked to answer and make calls, fix, and update his meeting and schedules, set up appointments, and try to entertain patients who are waiting for their turn. I love my job as it utilizes my skills because I’m good at socializing with people and has good time management skills. I’ve been working here for two years now and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

My day starts with me opening up the office and tries to tidy things up. I’ll accept and make calls to adjust appointments and update them about their schedule. I will then call the doctor if there are sudden schedule cancellations so he’ll know what time to show up in the office. More often than not, his wife, Sally coordinates with me to remind Dr. Michaels about his schedules at home because it frequently passes off his mind. He often needs to be reminded about it because he was too busy thinking about surgeries and stuff. One time, I remember that a few months ago, he missed some of his kids’ school plays and parent-teacher’s meeting because of work. He even forgot once to buy his son a gift when he graduated kindergarten. Simple but important things like that shouldn’t be taken for granted so I take it as a duty to always remind him of it even if it isn’t in my job description as I’ve also been close with his family and I took notice that they also treat me as one. They are very good people to be associated with.

Yesterday, I had trouble fixing schedules as I haven’t noticed that a person accidentally double booked an appointment. He told me it was his wife’s fault as she also called even when he already scheduled a consultation. He apologized for the inconvenience it caused me. He shared that he has a sprained foot and wanted to have his sinus tarsi syndrome be removed with surgery. I know that it was such a rare case for a surgery, but I know that Dr. Michael’s can fully assess on whether he needs it or not. I trust him as much as his patients trust him.