Monthly Archives: August 2014

Season of Dry Scalps

Since the start of summer this year, I’ve been having problems on my scalp as they became dry and itchy at the same time. It’s really a hassle when I scratch my head and I wear a black shirt. I’ve had scabs on scalp due to scratching for weeks now[…] Read More →

De-stressing with Friends

One rainy Saturday night, I was hanging out with my girlfriends Mia and Becky and their men at a bar and I noticed that I was the fifth wheel, but I didn’t mind because I was just happy to have a drink and de-stress with them. I really needed this[…] Read More →

Accidents Happen

I was working in the clinic as I am currently fixing my boss’ schedule when my phone vibrated. I always put it on vibrate to not disturb people inside the clinic. As much as possible, I don’t take personal calls when I’m working, but my brother’s name was flashing on[…] Read More →