Accidents Happen

I was working in the clinic as I am currently fixing my boss’ schedule when my phone vibrated. I always put it on vibrate to not disturb people inside the clinic. As much as possible, I don’t take personal calls when I’m working, but my brother’s name was flashing on my phone’s screen. We have an estranged relationship as we don’t see each other that much because we don’t get along that well. I answered my phone quickly, but the person I’m talking to didn’t sound like my brother. I asked who he was and he told me that he was a paramedic who picked up my brother from a car accident. He told me what happened to my brother and gave me the address of the hospital that they were taking him to. I asked him if I can talk to my brother and he told me that he was unconscious. He just got his phone in his pocket and searched through the address book and saw the name Sister – Alisal. I was crying and I don’t even know it as Dr. Michaels was asking me what happened. I tried not getting emotional, but I couldn’t. I told him what happened and he gave me a pass to take my whole day off.

I rushed to the hospital to see my brother. I asked the reception and gave my brother’s name and I was told that there was currently no patient under that name in a room so she suggested that he might be still in the emergency room. I was so frightened and I don’t know what to do. I didn’t want to call our parents as they both have heart conditions. Instead, I called Mia since her house is just nearby. After a few minutes, she saw me in the lobby and hugged me tightly saying that it will be alright. I told her what happened and she told me that I should just stay put on my seat and leave everything to her. She left me in the lobby and moments later, I’ve seen her smiling and asking me to come with her. She told me that there was no listed name of my brother because he wasn’t carrying any identification. She added that asked people around about the patient that the paramedics brought earlier.

We got into my brother’s room and I was in tears. He was conscious, but badly bruised with many scratches. I told him that I’m glad that he was alive. His doctor told me that he will be having pain between shoulder blades because of the impact. He added that my brother is lucky because he didn’t have internal bleeding. He was advised to take a rest for at least a week to fully recover and take his pills on time. My brother told me what happened and scolded him for driving without a license. He shared that he was having pain in left shoulder as I told him that he’s lucky because his doctor told me it should have been both. He tried to laugh, but his body was in pain. I still don’t know about how and when I should tell my parents about my brother’s accident. I asked Mia to help me because I can’t think straight. I’m really glad my brother is okay. I just hope next time, he’ll be more careful.

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