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The Basics of Wine Tasting

Do you know that wine tasting is more than just gulping down your wine? Wine tasting is an art, and it involves going through certain steps to let you better understand the complexities of each glass of wine offered to you. These steps may be classified into five basic activities[…] Read More →

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

If you are one of those people who drink wine especially after meals, there is good news for you. Drinking wine offers many health benefits that you can possibly enjoy. But it is important to note that these benefits only come when you drink in moderation. According to the American[…] Read More →

Wine Tasting and Allergies

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I decided to hang in my place to have a wine tasting. I bought many kinds of cheeses like gouda, brie, tallegio, gruyere, pecorino and robiola to go with our wines. I love pairing gouda cheeses with a Merlot and robiola with[…] Read More →

Weekend at Home

It was a Friday night and the start of my fun weekend. I made plans with my friends, Mia and Becky to go to the opening of this new, fresh, eclectic bar in town called The Winery. Becky and I were excited to go, but Mia sounded troubled when I[…] Read More →

Dealing with my Back Pain

Lately, I’ve been having back problems as I spend a great deal of my time sitting as I work as an assistant and receptionist for Dr. Michaels. Every weekend, I see to it that I get a good and hard deep tissue massage to fend off back pains. I also[…] Read More →

Season of Dry Scalps

Since the start of summer this year, I’ve been having problems on my scalp as they became dry and itchy at the same time. It’s really a hassle when I scratch my head and I wear a black shirt. I’ve had scabs on scalp due to scratching for weeks now[…] Read More →

De-stressing with Friends

One rainy Saturday night, I was hanging out with my girlfriends Mia and Becky and their men at a bar and I noticed that I was the fifth wheel, but I didn’t mind because I was just happy to have a drink and de-stress with them. I really needed this[…] Read More →

Accidents Happen

I was working in the clinic as I am currently fixing my boss’ schedule when my phone vibrated. I always put it on vibrate to not disturb people inside the clinic. As much as possible, I don’t take personal calls when I’m working, but my brother’s name was flashing on[…] Read More →

The Invite

I’ve been working for Dr. Michaels for years and I can say that we’ve been very close and her family. Her wife, Dianne always calls me in the office to check if her husband already arrived because he is always late. She visits him often in the office to bring[…] Read More →

Careers and Relationships

I’ve had trouble dealing with past relationships as I now choose my career over it. It started when I was too into a relationship with a man that my mom took notice that I I’m almost, always late for work because I was frequently dining out and coming home late[…] Read More →

No Time to Chat

A friend of mine told me that he has a weird metal taste in mouth for a week and then later on, a salty taste in mouth, similar to what this site talked about. He added that he feels that there is really something wrong with him as has irregular[…] Read More →

My Job Description

My boss is Dr. Michaels, a surgeon, is a very charming and charismatic doctor. He has black hair, big blue eyes, nice set of nose and teeth and a smile to die for. He is in his mid 30s, tall, lean and athletic. He tries to play basketball whenever his[…] Read More →