Careers and Relationships

I’ve had trouble dealing with past relationships as I now choose my career over it. It started when I was too into a relationship with a man that my mom took notice that I I’m almost, always late for work because I was frequently dining out and coming home late during weekdays. There were also several times that I didn’t go to work because I had to deal with my irritatingly, bad hangover. My boss observed my recent tardiness as of late and asked me if there was a problem at home. I told him about my boyfriend and suggested that I should take control of the situation because it was making my job a little bit lousy. He also told me that since I had a boyfriend, I wasn’t that attentive when given instructions. He stated that I’m also dealing with lives here as I make scheduled appointments for surgeries. He doesn’t want to wait for something bad to happen to his patients so he suggested that I step back, assess my life and deal with it accordingly. I know that he was just concerned with me and my patients so I followed his suggestions.

I told my boyfriend that I can’t always get out and have dinner with him on weekdays because I have work. I suggested that we just lay low for a while and go out every weekend instead. I thought he was going to understand my decision, but he didn’t. He was mad at me for saying that. He also felt jealous that I chose to spend my time with the doctor. I explained that it is my work, he’s my boss and I’m not doing anything bad. I added that I am not going out with the doctor as I’m just staying here in our house, resting. I wanted him to feel secure and loved but he didn’t give me the opportunity to do so. He left without saying goodbye. It’s been since the incident happened and he hasn’t contacted me since. I tried leaving him messages on his phone, but I got no reply or a ring. I told some of my friends about him and they said they he might need to sort this out alone, that I didn’t do anything wrong They felt that he has problems dealing with people leaving him and exploring other options. They asked is he’s an only son as it displays only child syndrome, similar to what is describe at this site I told them that he is an only son, but there are rumors that he has a half brother that he didn’t know personally. They told me that they’ll be there every step of the way on how to get over someone like him. I am so glad that I have friends like them.

I am tired of waiting for him to call me. I honestly didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted to stay on my boss’ good side and work efficiently for him. By the way, I was paid with good money to do work and it was unfair for him if I wasn’t fit to do such work. I don’t want to give him or any people for that matter that I don’t take my job seriously because I do. Do I really need to choose a career over relationships? Can’t it be both?

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