Dealing with my Back Pain

Lately, I’ve been having back problems as I spend a great deal of my time sitting as I work as an assistant and receptionist for Dr. Michaels. Every weekend, I see to it that I get a good and hard deep tissue massage to fend off back pains. I also take occasional pain reliever pills if I can’t tolerate and work through the pain anymore. It’s been going on and off for months now and I told my boss about it because I wanted to hear his medical opinion about it. He asked me about the specific area on where the pain is. I told him that it’s a middle back pain and lower left back pain. He tapped it and told me that it was a bit tender. He asked me if I was having trouble urinating lately as it can be also a symptom of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection or UTI is a condition wherein the part of the urinary tract becomes infected, usually by bacteria. He added that females are more often prone to having such a disease because out urethra are shorter than males. Another reason is the vagina is near the anus which has many bacteria. I told him that sometimes when I have the urge to pee, I hold it off as I often have too many things to do and I also find the location of the comfort room for women too far from our office.

Dr. Michaels looked sad and bothered about it. He suggested that I had my urine collected for a urinalysis as soon as possible and bring it to the laboratory for testing. He added that I don’t have to pay any fees for it as I thanked him about it. After a few hours, I got my result and gave it to my boss to read it. He told me that I have a bit of infection and advised me to drink plenty of water more than I use to. This is to make sure that toxins are excreted properly off my body. He reminded me to always pee when I have the urge to do so to prevent further complications. He told me to lay off from too much coffee, soda and anything that contains caffeine. Salty foods are also prohibited to prevent sepsis. He also prescribed me a week long course of antibiotics to be taken after meals.

After a week long treatment, my back isn’t hurting anymore. Although, I still have to get used to drinking more water because I prefer coffee and sodas. I still can’t avoid salty foods like chips because I’m used to eating them every night so I just drink more water to offset the effect. I’ve also been eating more of yogurts because they contain good bacteria. And most importantly, I never hold off my pee anymore whenever I have the urge to do so. Dr. Michaels is kind enough that he gave me five minute pee breaks as the location the comfort room is far from our clinic.

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