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Hi, my name is Alisal but my family and friends call me Lisa. By day, I work as a personal assistant for a surgeon at a doctor’s office in Southern California. I love what I do. In a way, I help save a life each and every single day. By night, I am a wine enthusiast. Not only do I love to drink wine but I love to collect all the different kinds of wine that are around the world. It all started when I attended a wine party when I was in college. It is definitely the place to be. You can meet so many different people and at the same time, that is where I hope to find my prince charming. At a wine party, you carry a wine glass with you. You can mingle with different people and discuss all the different kind of wines that there is. The best part is trying out different wines that people bring to the party. That way, you have different exposure to different kind of wines out there without even buying the whole bottle yourself. Great deal right? You can taste good wine and meet new people at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. You cannot lose so definitely try to attend a wine party!! See you there!!!

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