My Job Description

My boss is Dr. Michaels, a surgeon, is a very charming and charismatic doctor. He has black hair, big blue eyes, nice set of nose and teeth and a smile to die for. He is in his mid 30s, tall, lean and athletic. He tries to play basketball whenever his time permits him to do so. He often takes advantage of his two hour break to slip out of the hospital to go to the gym or play with his friends at the park. He loves and enjoys his job so much that even if he has too many patients to attend to in a day, he doesn’t feel tired as much. If I remember it right, the patients that he sees everyday has doubled or even tripled from the first time that I worked here. I noticed that the people who see the doctor mostly is the returning ones and some were referred by his older patients.

My work starts at around 7am and ends up at 7pm depending on the gravity of the needs in the office. I am tasked to answer and make calls, fix, and update his meeting and schedules, set up appointments, and try to entertain patients who are waiting for their turn. I love my job as it utilizes my skills because I’m good at socializing with people and has good time management skills. I’ve been working here for two years now and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

My day starts with me opening up the office and tries to tidy things up. I’ll accept and make calls to adjust appointments and update them about their schedule. I will then call the doctor if there are sudden schedule cancellations so he’ll know what time to show up in the office. More often than not, his wife, Sally coordinates with me to remind Dr. Michaels about his schedules at home because it frequently passes off his mind. He often needs to be reminded about it because he was too busy thinking about surgeries and stuff. One time, I remember that a few months ago, he missed some of his kids’ school plays and parent-teacher’s meeting because of work. He even forgot once to buy his son a gift when he graduated kindergarten. Simple but important things like that shouldn’t be taken for granted so I take it as a duty to always remind him of it even if it isn’t in my job description as I’ve also been close with his family and I took notice that they also treat me as one. They are very good people to be associated with.

Yesterday, I had trouble fixing schedules as I haven’t noticed that a person accidentally double booked an appointment. He told me it was his wife’s fault as she also called even when he already scheduled a consultation. He apologized for the inconvenience it caused me. He shared that he has a sprained foot and wanted to have his sinus tarsi syndrome be removed with surgery. I know that it was such a rare case for a surgery, but I know that Dr. Michael’s can fully assess on whether he needs it or not. I trust him as much as his patients trust him.

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