No Time to Chat

A friend of mine told me that he has a weird metal taste in mouth for a week and then later on, a salty taste in mouth, similar to what this site talked about. He added that he feels that there is really something wrong with him as has irregular heartbeats as of now. He asked me to consult my boss, a doctor about it. I told him that he does not specialize of those conditions, but I can ask him.

Dr. Michaels was really busy with consults and frequent surgeries as I couldn’t find a good timing on when to ask him about my friend’s condition. He’s had five consults and two emergency appendectomies this morning. On the other hand, this afternoon, he is going to have a heart bypass on a 70 year old man and a tonsillectomy for a 10 year old kid if the bypass runs smoothly.

We hardly even had a good chat lately. Normally we had time to joke around on mornings, but today is a different day. The last time we were so busy was the time when the city suffered an extreme accident last year. It happened because of a faulty signal light. It had gone bonkers on a major intersection and people were confused whether to stop or not. It just needed a single accident to become a big, lousy, chain reaction as many people were injured. It was a good thing that no one died that day. I was just sad and unfortunate that a single stop light would do that much damage to people. People who were just innocently passing by to go to their respective works, their normal routines had to suffer.   I remember that there was a 7 year old kid who needed stitches because he flew on their car’s windshield and got his head bloodied. His father relayed that he had a seatbelt on but it didn’t work. He was so worried that his young son had to endure that much pain and trauma at such a young age. He told us that he is a lawyer and was planning to file a lawsuit to the car company for a faulty seatbelt. He added that he just bought the car for over two weeks, so it’s almost brand new.

As I was still reminiscing, I saw someone who got in my face laughing. It was Dr. Michaels and he was asking me if I was okay. I told him that I was just thinking of something and he joked that it might be someone and not something. We had a casual laugh and then I remembered to ask about my friend’s problem. Dr. Michael suggested that my friend goes to an ENT doctor to examine his condition. The weird taste and the irregular heartbeats usually aren’t related as he just might be experiencing anxiety towards his condition, but he wasn’t sure so it’s still better to get him examined personally. He added that he also might need to get a complete blood work-up and urinalysis as exams. I thanked him as he got off to another consult. I was a busy day indeed.


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