Season of Dry Scalps

scabs on scalpSince the start of summer this year, I’ve been having problems on my scalp as they became dry and itchy at the same time. It’s really a hassle when I scratch my head and I wear a black shirt. I’ve had scabs on scalp due to scratching for weeks now and I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve tried a number of dry scalp remedies and solutions on the market and it’s not that successful as I’d want to, you can find more remedies at

I decided to ask my boss, Dr. Michaels to refer me to a good dermatologist so I can pursue real treatment. He referred me to Dr. Graham, whom he said that she’s the best dermatologist at the hospital that we work on. He gave me her number and told me to tell his name if asked about who referred her.   I still wanted to give time for the remedies that I was trying to work, but they were still not enough to treat me entirely as there were days that my scalp were okay and they were days that they were dry again.

I grew tired of the trial and errors that I was making and was so frustrated. I searched my purse for Dr. Graham’s number and gave her a call. She was delighted to know that Dr. Michaels referred me to her. She asked me when I could visit her for a consult and told her that I could be there tomorrow morning. I came to her clinic early and I saw a tall, blonde, pretty woman smiling at me. She introduced herself as Dr. Graham and asked me if I was Alisal. I nodded as she invited me to come in to her office. She shared that she recently had troubles hiring an assistant so she usually goes out to get her patients. She also shared that she and Dr. Michaels used to have a thing back in college. She asked me a little bit about my boss as she was preparing her stuff to examine me. She got her gloves on and opened a lamp with a big magnifying glass beside it. She told me that I have many lesions so I should stop scratching right away. She added that my case can be easily solved with the right kind of treatment as I earlier told her about all the things that I’ve tried before deciding to go for a consult with her.

Dr. Graham asked me to stop using my everyday shampoo as it is too strong for my hair and scalp. She advised that I can still use it once or twice a week after I fully get rid of my dry scalp. In the meantime, she prescribed me a Ketoconazole shampoo and must use it every day until the dry scalp subsides. She also gave me a prescription for antihistamines just in case itching occurs. She added that I can use homemade remedies like mixing olive oil, tea tree oil with honey and a little bit of lemon juice and apply it on my scalp for 10 minutes and rinse. She told me to do it twice or thrice a week.

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