The Invite

I’ve been working for Dr. Michaels for years and I can say that we’ve been very close and her family. Her wife, Dianne always calls me in the office to check if her husband already arrived because he is always late. She visits him often in the office to bring him lunch. One time, I saw her coming into the office. I told her that her husband still has a patient inside, but she told me that she came to see me because she wants to invite me to their son, Caleb’s 10th birthday party this weekend. I was thankful that she invited me and told her that I’ll come. She left her husband’s lunch and went back home.

After the patient left the room, I entered and gave Dr. Michaels his lunch. He asked where Dianne is, but I told her that she already left. I also mentioned that I was invited to his son’s birthday and he told me that she really planned to invite me in person. I asked him what his son wants for his birthday because I have no clue on what to get him. He told me that they already bought him the toy that he wanted, but he added that their son has been reciting bunny facts the whole month and that might be hinting that he wants a bunny. I asked him if it was okay to give him a pet as some parents don’t like them. He joked that it was okay as long as I clean after them. He told me that there is a pet shop just around the block before the hospital just in case I’m going to give his son a bunny. I thought that it was still early to buy him a bunny because it’s on Saturday and it’s only Monday, so I’ll just buy the day before as I don’t have time to tend to the bunny.

It’s Friday morning and I told Dr. Michaels that I will be late because I’ll drop by the pet shop first to buy a bunny. I told the salesman that I need a bunny as a present, but the problem was he was asking me about the breed that I was trying to buy. He mentioned a few like the Mini Satin, Netherland Dwarf and the Lionhead bunnies which I was intrigued. I asked him why were they called as such and he showed them to me. They were so cute, active and playful. He added that they are so easy to take care of as they only need fresh water, food pellets and exercise. I asked them about their grooming as they have manes. He answered that they just can be groomed once or twice a month depending on the case. Now, he asked me about the color so I called Dr. Michaels and asked what color is best for his son and told me that black or white will suffice. I found a black and white bunny and got it for Caleb. I also got him a cage and water bottle for his pet. I rushed to go back to my home, left the bunny with water and food and went to the hospital for work.

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