Weekend at Home

It was a Friday night and the start of my fun weekend. I made plans with my friends, Mia and Becky to go to the opening of this new, fresh, eclectic bar in town called The Winery. Becky and I were excited to go, but Mia sounded troubled when I called her about my plans. I told her to just talk about it with wine and fortunately, she agreed. I really miss my girls as we haven’t seen each other for two weeks and we just live in the same town. That’s just how busy we were.

It was Becky’s turn to pick us up as she recently purchased a new dark blue Subaru SUV. It was already 9pm and a car parked in front of my house honking and I know it was them. I entered her car as I trace the new car smell and it’s really nice. I was surprised to know that it was only Becky in the car. I asked her about what happened to Mia and she told me that she wasn’t in the mood to go drinking.   She told Becky that her mom is sick, but they didn’t know it yet if it’s bronchitis vs. pneumonia. Either way, they were both serious diseases and I wouldn’t wish that even for my enemies. I called Mia and I told her that we’re going to her house to hang if it’s okay. She agreed and added that she has lots of liquor if anyone wants one. After a few minutes, we were already in front of her house.

I collected my thoughts carefully on what I’m going to tell her because I know that whatever I tell her, she wouldn’t listen because I haven’t gone through that phase. We knocked on the door and she opened it. She was already wearing her pajamas and holding a glass of wine. She invited us in and laughed at us since we were still wearing our skimpy, party clothes. I asked where her mom is and told me that she’s already asleep so we need to keep our noise down. I told her that maybe it’s better if we just hang out in their balcony so we wouldn’t bother anyone else with our noise. We settled down well and talked about her problem. Becky and I just listened to what she was going to say. Becky suggested it earlier when we were inside her car as maybe Mia just wanted to vent out her problems and it was effective. She shared that her mom’s doctor hinted that it might be pointing more on bronchitis because of her current symptoms, but he added that he needs more exam to confirm. I asked her when her mom did take the tests, but we were surprised that her mom doesn’t want to take any more tests as she was afraid to know her condition. I understood what her mom is thinking because Dr. Michaels always encounter patients feeling the same sentiment. I suggested Mia to research in bronchitis remedies online just to have a background on what her mom is dealing with. I also advised her to just be with her mom along the way and she’ll realize in time what she have to do.

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