Wine Tasting and Allergies

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I decided to hang in my place to have a wine tasting. I bought many kinds of cheeses like gouda, brie, tallegio, gruyere, pecorino and robiola to go with our wines. I love pairing gouda cheeses with a Merlot and robiola with sparkling wines. I asked them to bring different wines that they could find as we have lots of cheeses to pair with. They arrived after an hour with lots of wine. We were so excited because since we became busy with work, we rarely have the time to do this. The last time we did this was on my birthday and it was 4 months ago.

We started drinking wine and eating cheese as we sat on the carpet in my living room. I have a pet dog named Brooch and she’s of the chow chow breed. She loves company as she gets near my friends licking and smelling them. She wasn’t getting much exercise as I was busy with working so he’s getting fatter every day. Mia loves Brooch as she carries the dog in her arms and treats her like a baby. Brooch was really comfortable with her as she slept soundly on her arms. We just chat and talk about with what’s happening with our lives, then suddenly, Mia brought the dog down as he was experiencing pain in the right arm. We were concerned about her, but she told me that her right arm just lost proper blood circulation because Brooch is heavy as she was pinned on her right arm for minutes. She just stood up and stretched a bit, then gone on to the comfort room. She rushed back as she showed us her reddened armpits. She told us that they were so itchy armpits. I asked her if she had allergies with dog furs or with cheeses and wine, but she told me that this is the first time that she encountered it.

I went upstairs to my room to search my drawers for a corticosteroid cream which I used when I also had skin allergies and they were really good. I just used a bit from its tube and applied it on the affected area, I just waited for a few minutes and then they were gone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in my room and I thought, maybe I left it in the medicine cabinet in the comfort room. I rushed downstairs and found it there. I gave it to Mia and asked her to wash her armpits with water or apply an antiseptic like alcohol to be sure that it’s clean. She then applied it and I told her to rest and resist the urge to drink or eat cheeses as we still weren’t sure of what caused her armpits to itch so badly. She planned to get a consult the next day to know the cause and ease her worry. I hope it’s nothing bad as I don’t want something so serious to happen on one of my best friends.

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